Pump, Process Equipment Shortages Update

Supply chain disruptions may no longer grab the headlines on the nightly news but for manufacturers depending on every minute of production to stay afloat, shortages and lead time delays continue to wreak havoc on a daily basis. It’s devastating when a common wear part fails, a production line shuts down, and the purchasing manager […]

Personal Service a Covid Casualty?

I grew up watching my Dad build this company. He was always trying to help people solve problems with their pumps and other process equipment – on the phone, in the car, visiting a plant – and taking the extra steps to grow lasting customer relationships, even if there wasn’t a sale involved. I didn’t […]

Heating Coil Materials: Not All Created Equal

Heating coils for the plating industry come in many different materials to suit many different chemicals. No one would specify PVC pump components when working with acetic acid or acetone – they’re incompatible and the chemical would quickly attack and break down the PVC, leading to a dangerous failure. An immersion heating coil faces the […]

Plating Tank Heater Failures

The heater in the plating tank stopped heating? Before you buy a new tank heater, it’s important to know why it failed. Otherwise, the new heater will probably fail in the same way. First, check the most common reason for heater stoppage: the over-temperature protection fuse. When the solution level falls below this fuse, it […]

Diaphragm Selection for AODD Pumps DIY

If your diaphragm pumps leak, stall, overheat or sound noisy, a failing diaphragm or the wrong type of diaphragm selection may be the culprit. Not to worry, replacing diaphragms is one of the technically simpler pump repair jobs if you have the right tools and equipment, though it’s also one of the more physically demanding […]

Pump Terms 101: Liquid Side, Air Side

Every air-operated double diaphragm pump whether Wilden, Yamada, FTI or another brand has a liquid side and an air side. Simply put, the liquid side comes in contact with the liquid to be pumped. On the opposite side of the pump, the air side connects to the compressed air line. Compressed air enters the pump […]

Simple Winter Maintenance Tips – Don’t Skip These!

When the weather outside is frightful, the conditions often change inside, too. Whether the ambient air is drier or the pressure is weaker, these seasonal changes can affect your process and your equipment. To keep your operation in operation and extend the life of your equipment, try these quick winter maintenance checks: AODD Pumps: Every wear part […]

Filter Chambers and Pumps: Which Comes First?

Pumps and Filters Work in Tandem In plating, water treatment and other processes where filtering is needed ahead of pumping, the filter chamber and pump work at peak performance when specified in tandem. But since today’s high quality filter chambers will usually outlast the pump (often by several years!), it’s common for people to ask […]

Made in USA Pump Brands Avoid Tariff Costs

The 2018 import tariff slapped a 25 percent surcharge on a huge variety of equipment – including pumps. Though the tariffs really act like a tax on the American consumer and the tariff headlines seem constantly in flux, it’s important when considering a pump purchase to know which manufacturers have had to increase their prices […]

Summer Pump, Motor Maintenance Tips to Prevent Failure

It’s a hot summer and we’re getting a lot of calls about fixing pumps that couldn’t take the heat. It’s true. The heat can shorten the expected service life but there are simple things you can do to prevent this type of pump failure. For indoor installations, pay close attention to ventilation and air circulation. […]