Summer Pump, Motor Maintenance Tips to Prevent Failure

It’s a hot summer and we’re getting a lot of calls about fixing pumps that couldn’t take the heat. It’s true. The heat can shorten the expected service life but there are simple things you can do to prevent this type of pump failure.

Process Technology 316 Stainless Steel, bottom style, aquaculture series, 1KW, 120 volt, 1 phase

For indoor installations, pay close attention to ventilation and air circulation. Pumps and motors can generate a lot of heat and it needs to be constantly dissipated. In hot chemistry situations such as an oil or plating bath, chemical vapors can surround the equipment and cause corrosion very quickly unless it’s allowed to easily escape. Hot, humid conditions can make the situation worse.

In finishing tanks where immersion heaters may exceed 1,000 degrees F, keeping it well-maintained and free of corrosion and/or deposits keeps it operating at peak efficiency to take advantage of every kW/hr. of electricity.

Moving outside, summer is like a vacation for aquaponic heaters. With heat from the sun keeping water temperatures high, these tank heaters don’t need to work as hard. In fact, they may need to be kept from raising the water temperature too high. Check that automated shut off systems are functioning and consider adding cooling coils to maintain the desired temperature.

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