Filter Chambers and Pumps: Which Comes First?

Pumps and Filters Work in Tandem

In plating, water treatment and other processes where filtering is needed ahead of pumping, the filter chamber and pump work at peak performance when specified in tandem. But since today’s high quality filter chambers will usually outlast the pump (often by several years!), it’s common for people to ask about replacing the pump without giving enough thought to its interaction with the filter chamber.Penguin filter chambers

Even when installing new pumps and filters, many people focus on the pump rather than the pump-chamber as an integrated system. This can lead to premature wear and failure for both the pump and the filter, as well as for connections and accessories.

The size of the filter chamber determines the size of the pump. Since the filter chamber determines the rate of flow into the pump, there is no need to buy more pump capacity than the filter chamber can process. So the filter chamber comes first.

Start with what is being filtered. Acid? Ultrapure water? Juice? Plating solution? Checking chemical compatibility and particle characteristics determines the material of construction for the filter chamber and the filter media. Then, checking the desired flow rate in gallons per hour allows the required filter surface area to be calculated, and the proper disc filters, filter tubes or filter bags to be specified.

Once the filter chamber and filtration media are determined, the right pump and size can be specified using a similar process that considers what liquid or material is being pumped, the flow rate and other factors. Then, the complete filter system can be designed, purchased and installed. We can even set it all up on a polypropylene base atop legs or casters.

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