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Elise reveals lays out how working with Reliable feels like a throwback to when real people answered the phone, knew what they were talking about, and cared about getting the job done.

Unboxing the newest Penguin – Filter Pump Industries sealless vertical pump.

Learn all about diaphragm elastomers as Elise pulls a variety of Wilden parts from stock to explain what buyers need to know.

See Elise take apart the latest Flux electric drum pump, see how it works, how to find the model numbers for repairs, and more.

See how a Wilden AODD pump works, how to find the model and part numbers for repairs, learn how Wilden model M, T, P and PX Series differ.

Warm and wonderful holiday wishes from Elise and everyone at Reliable, plus what’s in store for 2019?

See latest in digital combination controls from Process Technology and learn when to use the entire control unit, the thermostat alone, and the sensor alone.

Wilden PX Series air-operated double diaphragm pumps have become obsolete. Video shows how to replace parts and confirms suitable replacements pumps.

Compare air-operated diaphragm pumps by Finish Thompson, Wilden and Yamada from design features and new advances to lead times and pricing.

Let’s take apart a Penguin-Filter Pump Industries pump and see what makes them dependable and easy to use.

Introducing FTI Air double diaphragm pumps by Finish Thompson.

See what comes in a Wilden parts kit. We create and stock these kits for fast delivery.

A brief intro on how to ID your Wilden pump diaphragms when you do not have a pump tag.