Beer and Wine

Pumps for beer and wine processing and production from Reliable Equipment Sales operate year after year with virtually zero maintenance. Reliable offers sanitary, food and beverage grade pumps featuring FDA-approved materials to help produce a consistently high quality product for wine, high volume breweries and other beverages.Winemaking processing tanks at winery

For transfer pumps from fermenting and destemming to racking, filtering and bottling, Reliable offers the ideal pumps for beer, wine and other beverages with heavy-duty motors to handle pulps, slurries and solids without clogging for maximum line uptime.Wilden AODD pump P8 plastc

Wilden AODD, FDA-model, air operated pumps, Yamada FDA-compliant, air operated pumps and Flux pumps drum pumps are proven to deliver high performance with low maintenance in sanitary processing. For guidance on how to size a pump, how to select the right pump or how to specify the right pump, call 203-740-1877 or click to chat.


FTI Air FT05 air operated double diaphragm pump by Finish Thompson
FTI Air FT05V PVDF Pumps 1/2-Inch

FTI Air pumps represent Finish Thompson's latest air-operated, double-diaphragm pumps. The half-inch, FT05V in PVDF comes in a wide choice of diaphragms with a polypropylene center section, and polypropylene air valve and valve seats for acids, oils, plating, water treatment and more.

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Gizmo Engineering T4 digital process timer
Gizmo Engineering T4 Digital Timer – Battery Power

T4 digital process control timer counter counts down then sounds an alarm. Large numerical display in compact 4" x 4" x 2" NEMA 4x, waterproof enclosure plus extra long-lasting, lithium battery included.

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Gizmo Engineering T5 digital process timer alarm AC power
Gizmo Engineering T5 Digital Timer – AC Power with Relay

T5 AC-powered, digital process control timer counter counts down then sounds an alarm. Large, backlit numerical display in compact 4" x 4" x 2.75" NEMA 4x, waterproof enclosure plus relay controls other devices up to 10A, 1/2 HP @ 120V, N.O. or N.C. and auxilliary 9VDC output can power dataloggers, autodialers or other external devices.

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Gizmo Engineering T6 Timer
Gizmo Engineering T6 Digital Timer Proximity Sensor

T6 digital process control timer with proximity sensor included automatically controls any switch or contact. In plating, this system eliminates human error involving manual hoists by sounding an alarm when the rack is ready for removal.

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Yamada NDP-25BST FDA compliant sanitary pumps
Yamada FDA Compliant Sanitary Pumps

Flow rate ranges to 215 GPM max with up to 4-inch clamp connections, and FNPT air inlets up to 3/4 in. Ball valves as standard. Choose the diaphragm elastomer material based on the maximum liquid temperature:
PTFE to 212 degrees F
Nordel EPDM 212
Hytrel 248
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