Plating Tank Heater Failures

The heater in the plating tank stopped heating? Before you buy a new tank heater, it’s important to know why it failed. Otherwise, the new heater will probably fail in the same way.Plating Tank Heater

First, check the most common reason for heater stoppage: the over-temperature protection fuse. When the solution level falls below this fuse, it automatically triggers power to the heater to be cut. This cuts risk of a fire. Press the reset button (or replace the fuse), fill up the tank, and try the heater again. If it doesn’t start right up, then, yes, it actually did fail.

Then look for physical damage. We’ve repaired a number of heaters over the years that failed due to physical bumps and thumps. Over and over again, the very parts that were being plated or cleaned were coming into contact with the heater. Seriously.

Then look for excessive scale buildup and pitting. If this caused the heater to burn up then it likely cannot be repaired. Checking for scale buildup needs to be part of a daily preventative maintenance check.

Did you transfer the heater from one plating bath to another? Not all heaters are compatible with all chemicals. Most heater manufacturers use a chemical compatibility guide to determine which heaters work with which applications. Call us for a free guide – 203.740.1877.

If a new heater is needed, call us for free guidance on the size and material.

To see if your heater can be repaired, email us a picture at

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