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Wilden PX8 metal pumps
Wilden T8, P8, PX8, Metal Pumps 2-Inch
Item # T8/AAAAB/NES/NE/NE (08-11012)

Wilden original series style, two-inch metal pumps (with...

$1,507.00$2,844.00 $1,416.58$2,673.36 Select options
Yamada NDP-80 pump poly
Yamada NDP-80 Series 3-Inch Pumps
Item # NDP-80BAH

All Yamada NDP-80 series 3-inch, air-powered, double diaphragm...

$1,900.00$8,980.00 $1,786.00$8,441.20 Select options
Yamada NDP-25BST FDA compliant sanitary pumps
Yamada FDA Compliant Sanitary Pumps
Item # NDP-15BSH-FDA

Yamada FDA-compliant, air-operated, double-diaphragm (AODD) sanitary pumps are...

$1,765.00$11,650.00 $1,659.10$10,951.00 Select options
Wilden P2 metal pumps
Wilden P2 Metal Pumps 1-Inch
Item # P2/AAPPP/NES/NE/ABN/2000 (02-12332)

Wilden P2 original series style, 1-inch metal pumps...

$790.00$1,171.00 $742.60$1,100.74 Select options
Sethco 500 pump
Sethco 500 Series Magnetic Drive Self-Priming Pumps
Item # PMSP-510-1/4T1 (342-GVAA)

Sethco 500 Series self-priming mag-drive pumps are leak-proof,...

$1,373.00$2,229.00 $1,345.54$2,184.42 Select options
Penguin Series HOM horizontal centrifugal pumps
Penguin Series HOM Horizontal Centrifugal Pumps
Item # HOM-1/2E-1

Penguin Series HOM horizontal centrifugal pumps are designed...

$882.00$1,505.00 $828.00$1,412.20 Select options
“It’s great when you find a supplier that makes you comfortable doing business. Not only do Fraij and Elise offer the equipment you need, but more importantly, they provide the right answers to your questions and the proper direction to determine the equipment that will work best for your needs. When I go with their recommendation, I know I'm making the right choice.”
Paul Pavone
Director of Manufacturing and Facilities
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