Gizmo Engineering T5 Digital Timer – AC Power with Relay

This Gizmo Engineering T5 digital process control countdown timer combines a waterproof countdown timer and alarm with relay output to control pumps and other devices all within a rugged, compact, NEMA 4x enclosure. When the timer reaches zero, the alarm flashes red and shrieks at 103dB to alert staff and cut through any industrial noise. It even offers a choice of several warbling alarm sounds to differentiate one timer alarm from another. Just press a button to set the time to count down from as little as one second to as long as 100 hours then press the green button to start. Or set it to count up from zero! It’s easy to see the time being counted with 99.9% accuracy on the large, backlit, digital display.

Gizmo Engineering’s Versatile Process Timer

This T5 timer may be quickly switched among eight, different operating modes based on the installation.
Mode 1 – counts down from the set time or counts up from zero and cancels anytime.
Mode 2 – same as Mode 1 but cannot be canceled.
Mode 3 – allows the time cycle to be triggered mechanically with a contact close that remains closed throughout the countdown.
Mode 4 – allows the cycle to be paused and re-started until the time accumulates a set value.
Mode 5 – stops automatically at the end of cycle and may be canceled anytime.
Mode 6 – stops automatically at the end of the cycle without cancellation option.
Mode 7 – the start button must be pressed continually or the alarm sounds.
Mode 8 – provides an early warning alert before the cycle ends such as lighting a stack light amber before turning red.

The durable T5 timer comes in a waterproof, corrosion-proof IP65 (NEMA 4X) enclosure designed to handle wet, corrosive and other harsh, industrial, indoor and outdoor environments to temperatures as cold as -40 to 122 degrees F. It’s ideal for plating lines, for commercial kitchens, and nearly any industrial process. Piggyback cord for connecting pumps and other devices available separately.

Customize Countdown Timer for Plating, Heating

Magnet Mount – the T5 process timer is available with magnetic mounts that allow the timer alarm to be installed on industrial ovens, tanks and other metal equipment without requiring any holes. Comes with four, very powerful magnets for each of the four mounting feet.

Buzzer Control – the T5 digital timer is available with a snap-on muffler for extra control over the buzzer volume. It reduces the sound level by up to 20 dB.


Description: T5 AC-powered, digital process control timer counter counts down then sounds an alarm. Large, backlit numerical display in compact 4" x 4" x 2.75" NEMA 4x, waterproof enclosure plus relay controls other devices up to 10A, 1/2 HP @ 120V, N.O. or N.C. and auxilliary 9VDC output can power dataloggers, autodialers or other external devices.
Lead Time: 2-4 business days from NY. For emergencies, please call us at 203-740-1877.

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