Flux Pumps F Series Sealless Tubesets

Flux Pumps F Series sealless tubesets are available in a choice of materials including polypropylene, PVDF, aluminum alloy and stainless steel. Both mixed centrifugal and axial impellers are available to suit differing head and flow applications. They are quick to assemble and disassemble and repair easily. The inner tube supports the pump shaft, which is lubricated by the liquid being pumped. The level of the liquid in the inner tube always corresponds to that in the drum, barrel or container.

Flux Pumps Special advantages

  • Dry running the pump is safe without wearing the seals
  • The liquid being pumped is not contaminated by the shaft lubricant
  • Inner tube and helix-shaped support bearings completely self-draining

Most of these Flux pumps can empty a standard 55 gallon drum in 3-4 minutes. Please call or chat if you do not see the drum pump or barrel pump you need listed – 203-740-1877.


Description: Flux Pumps F Series sealless tubesets feature versatile, lightweight drum pumps and container pumps that handle a wide range of liquids. Offered in a wide range of specifications, pumps are ideal for transferring abrasive liquids. Click on the model number or to find out the model needed, use the selector menu to choose from polypropylene, PVDF or stainless steel, the max flow and head, and discharge tube length. Or call for free guidance!
Notes: Find your pump model number by looking on the discharge connection. It is etched right into the pump.
Lead Time: 3-4 business days from GA.

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Specifications 27 in tube 39 in tube 47 in tube 60 in tube
Flow Details max flow 40gpm with a max head of 25ft using the fem4070 115v motor max flow 48gpm with a max head of 25ft using the f417 115v motor
Material polypropylene pvdf stainless steel
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