Sethco P90 Sealless High-Power Motors

Sethco P90 drum pump motors work with Sethco P90 pumps to empty 55-gallon drums in less than two minutes. This is the motor only, by itself, separate from the P90 drum pump. It is a high-power motor suitable for for beer, wine and other sanitary applications. Click on the model number or to find out the model needed, use the selector menu below. Or call for free guidance!


Description: The Sethco P90 motor by itself works with the Sethco P90 drum pumps. Choose from three, different, high-powered motors that empty entire drums in less than two minutes. Motor only.
Notes: The P90B motor has been replaced by the 381-U1, which is a 115v, plug in motor

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Details electric motor 115v 5060hz 1 ph odp electric motor 230v 5060hz 1 ph odp air motor 100psi 18 cfm
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