Sethco 2500 Series Magnetic Drive Self-Priming Pumps

Sethco 2500 series self-priming mag-drive pumps are leak-proof, sealless, easy to maintain, and can handle liquid with a specific gravity of up to 1.8 without trimming impeller or reducing performance. Made from glass-reinforced polypropylene or PVDF to handle temperatures up to 210 deg F. Limited run dry capability.


Description: Sethco 2500 Series magnetic drive self-priming pumps are offered in a wide range of specifications. Click on the model number or to find out the model needed use the selector menu. Choose from glass-reinforced polypropylene or PVDF, the motor phase, max flow and max head, and the motor HP. Or call or chat for free guidance! These Sethco pumps are ideal for pumping, transferring and filtering acids, caustics, bleaches and more and are the frequent choice in water, wastewater, agriculture, metal finishing and aquatic systems. Max flow rate to 225 GPM with a max head of 105 with a 2-in. inlet /outlet.
Notes: White pump ends are polypropylene while the black pump ends are PVDF
Lead Time: Currently uncertain. Please call us at 203-740-1877.

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Specifications 10 hp 3 ph 3 hp 3 ph 5 hp 3 ph 7.5 hp 3 ph
Flow Details max flow 145 gpm with a max head of 60 2 in inlet 2 in outlet max flow 178 gpm with a max head of 76 2 in inlet 2 in outlet max flow 200 gpm with a max head of 85 2 in inlet 2 in outlet max flow 225 gpm with a max head of 105 2 in inlet 2 in outlet
Material polypropylene pvdf
Motor Phase 208-230/460v 3ph
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