Penguin Series C Filter Chambers

Penguin Series C filter chambers are designed to handle a large range of chemicals with ease. Completely constructed of CPVC, polypropylene or PVDF with viton elastomers for contact with the solution being filtered, these filter chambers eliminate fragile lucite and glass for high performance and long-term durability along with the outdated center rod, springs, and tubes.

Selecting Filter Chambers

Style 3C feature a single cartridge design that accommodates six-, 10-, 20- and 30-inch length filter cartridges. These offer the most economical solution. Style 4C excel in high-pressure, heavy-duty applications where a single chamber is required. Style 6C/8C/12C incorporate heavy, molded-in, reinforced ribbing for the increased strength needed to operate at high pressures and temperatures without the use of external frame rods. These may also be converted to carbon treatment units in the field without purchasing another filter chamber.


Description: Penguin Series C filter chambers feature a unique cartridge compressor design that accepts a wide cartridge length variance without liquid bypass while eliminating the center rod, springs and tubes. Choose from more than 30 styles and configurations to accommodate a huge range of requirements such as pressure, temperature, cost and more. Click on the model number or to find out the model needed or use the selector menu to choose from CPVC, polypropylene or PVDF, number of chambers and their diameter and flow rate, and the inlet/outlet connections. Or call or chat for free guidance!
Notes: The 6C series and larger come standard with a pressure gauge and guard assembly. The single length chambers are not provided with a PGGA.
Lead Time: We normally stock the 3C-1A through 3C-3A single length chambers for quick delivery. Otherwise, 1-2 weeks from CT. For emergencies, please call us at 203-740-1877.

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Specifications 1 in fpt in/out 1 in mpt in 1 in fpt out 1 in mpt in1 in fpt out 1.5 in mpt in 1.5 in fpt out 1.5 in mpt in 15 in fpt out 3/4 in fpt in/out 3/4 in in/out
Flow Details five 10 in cartridge chamber 750-1500 gph five 20 in cartridge chamber 1500-2700 gph five 30 in cartridge chamber 2250-3600 gph single 10 in chamber 150-300 gph single 20 in chamber 300-540 gph single 20 in chamber 300-570 gph single 30 in chamber 450-720 gph single 30 in chamber 450-810 gph tripe 10 in chamber 450-900 gph triple 10 in chamber 450-900 gph triple 20 in chamber 900-1620 gph triple 30 in chamber 1350-2160 gph twelve 10 in cartridge chamber 1800-3600 gph twelve 20 in cartridge chamber 3600-5760 gph twelve 30 in cartridge chamber 5400-7560 gph
Material cpvc polypropylene pvdf
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