Yamada FDA Compliant Sanitary Pumps

Yamada FDA-compliant, air-operated, double-diaphragm (AODD) sanitary pumps are specifically designed for the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries where 3A and/or USDA standards are not required. These pumps include 316 stainless steel wetted components with passivated satin finish as standard, epoxy-coated air motor, sanitary clamp fittings, and FDA-compliant elastomers. Please note: Yamada FDA Series pumps utilize oversized sanitary ports.


Description: Flow rate ranges to 215 GPM max with up to 4-inch clamp connections, and FNPT air inlets up to 3/4 in. Ball valves as standard. Choose the diaphragm elastomer material based on the maximum liquid temperature:
PTFE to 212 degrees F
Nordel EPDM 212
Hytrel 248
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Notes: Inlet and discharge connections are tri-clamp connections. Connection sizes are upgraded. ie: the NDP-40 series which is a 1.5-inch pump utilizes a 2-inch tri-clamp connection
Lead Time: 2-3 weeks from CT. For emergencies, please call us at 203-740-1877.

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Specifications ball valves, epdm diaphragms ball valves, hytrel diaphragms ball valves, ptfe diaphragms
Flow Details 107 gpm max 2 in clamp connections 1/2 in fnpt air inlet 13.5 gpm max 1 in clamp connections 1/4 in fnpt air inlet 164 gpm max 2.5 in clamp connections 3/4 in fnpt air inlet 215 gpm max 4 in clamp connections 3/4 in fnpt air inlet 31.7 gpm max 1 in clamp connections 1/4 in fnpt air inlet 46.2 gpm max 1.5 in clamp connections 3/8 in fnpt air inlet
Material stainless steel
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