Process Technology DSL Series Digital Combination Controls

Process Technology DSL series digital combination controls feature easy to read, dual LED displays (0.3 inch high) with two set points (heating and cooling). DSL series controls provide precise control for consistent plating and etch rates in most aqueous processes. A Fluoropolymer (FEP) covered, 10-foot (3m), 1000-ohm, platinum RTD sensor is included as standard. Choose DSL series controls for ease of use and extended service life when processing corrosive liquids. Lengthen with ordinary copper hookup wire. Durable controls are enclosed in a NEMA 1, IP21, gasketed plastic enclosure with sealed tactile switches and stainless steel hardware.

Combination control consists of gasketed plastic enclosure, thermostat, contactor and transformer.


Description: Process Technology DSL Series digital thermostats improve process control in temperatures ranging from minus 100 - 500 degrees F. Comes with LED display, Fluoropolymer (FEP) covered, 10-foot (3m), 1000-ohm, platinum RTD sensor in corrosion-resistant enclosure. Click on the model number or to find out the model needed, use the selector menu. Or call or chat for free guidance!
Notes: Used for two set points, heating and cooling.
Lead Time: For current lead time, call 203-740-1877.

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Electrical Details 120V 240V 480V
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