max flow 10 gpm with a max head of 20 5 ft 3/4 in suction 1/2 in discharge


Penguin Series M magnetic drive pumps
Penguin Series M Magnetic Drive Pumps

Penguin Series M magnetic-driven pumps feature a leak-proof, corrosion-resistant design. Choose from dozens of models with max flow to 200 GPM with a max head of 150 ft. and 3-in. suction / two-inch discharge, in a choice of pump body materials. Click on the model number needed or to find out the model needed, use the selector menu below. Choose the pump material, motor phase, the max head and max flow, then motor. Choose the pump material based on its temperature limit:
Polypropylene (PPG) 180 degrees F
PVDF 212
316 Stainless Steel 212
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