76.0 gpm max 1.5 in inlet 1.25 in discharge 0.75 in air inlet


Wilden P4 Metal pump from Reliable Equipment Sales
Wilden Metal Pumps T4, P4, 1.5-Inch

Wilden 1.5-inch, air-operated, double-diaphragm (AODD) metal pumps in the P4, T4 and PX4 Original Series provide the durability, chemical-resistance, abrasion-resistance and temperature range required in a variety of demanding process applications. P4 and T4 flow rate to 81 GPM, PX4 to 87 GPM, with maximum operating pressure at 125 PSI. Choose the elastomer based on its temperature limit:
Buna 10 - 180 degrees F
Neoprene 0 - 200
PTFE 40 - 300
Wil-Flex minus 40 - 225

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