167.1gpm max, 2 in. inlet and discharge, 0.75 in. air inlet


Wilden PX8 plastic pumps from Reliable Equipment Sales
Wilden P8 Plastic Pumps 2-Inch

Wilden 2-inch, air-operated, double-diaphragm (AODD) plastic pumps in the P8 and PX8 Original Series install fast and easily and provide a rugged, reliable design in a robust disposition for a wide range of demanding process applications. P8 flow rate to 170 GPM with a choice of air inlet sizes. Choose the elastomer based on its temperature limit:
Buna 10 - 180 degrees F
Neoprene 0 - 200
PTFE 40 - 300
Wil-Flex minus 40 - 225

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