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Reliable Equipment performs preventative maintenance check at plating company

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Demand peak performance from plating and metal finishing pumps

For plating and metal finishing companies, finding the right pump and pump material and proper maintenance are critical for effective, efficient electroplating. At American Electro Products, Waterbury, Conn., Elise Vaughn and Fraij Yapoujian of Reliable Equipment Sales worked with Director of Manufacturing and Facilities Paul Pavone to size and specify the proper pumps for a new plating line and develop a preventative maintenance program that keeps their electroplating pumps in action and their product finishing quality at the high level required to serve aerospace, medical, military and other customers.Plating barrels, hoists, tanks and tank liners

Reliable recommended Penguin pumps from Filter Pump Industries, the P series vertical sealless pump, in CPVC for chemical compatibility. The submersible, portable pumps come with a proven track record in precious metal plating facilities worldwide.

Reliable recommendations

“It’s great when you find a supplier that makes you comfortable doing business,” says Pavone. “Not only do Fraij and Elise offer the equipment you need, but more importantly, they provide the right answers to your questions and the proper direction to determine the equipment that will work best for your needs. When I go with their recommendation, I know I’m making the right choice.”

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