Ebay Horror Stories

We get a lot of calls and emails from people struggling with pump disasters after buying a pump or part on ebay so I felt it was time to offer this alert:

Ebay buying pump parts

The ebay listing states the pump “does not work” but sometimes people in bargain hunting mode overlook vital information.

  • Read the ebay product description with great care. In many cases, the seller specifically states the product is used, offered as is, and/or fits a given name brand pump but it isn’t manufactured by the name brand. They’re not usually trying to deceive, but people get busy and just skim or overlook key pieces of the information.
  • Read the ebay seller information – all of it – and contact the seller before buying. Having a trail of communication from prior to the purchase helps support any claims that may arise after the purchase.
  • Replacement parts may not be genuine – we’ve heard accounts of cheap, lesser quality parts being packaged in plastic bags marked with the popular name brands.
  • Used pumps may be filled with chemistry or hidden corrosion may cover the internals – there’s a reason the used pump is no longer in service. Why wasn’t it repaired? Why is the pump so cheap? Try to find out why in advance.
  • Pump parts made from rubber and some other materials begin to break down in storage and have a limited shelf life. It’s very hard to find out how long a part has been stored but it can be frustrating to replace a diaphragm, for example, only to have it fail in a short time.

Yes, there may be bargains to be had on ebay but please be sure you know exactly what pump or pump part you need before bidding or using the Buy It Now to prevent any struggles and failures after purchase and installation.

For genuine replacement parts, call 203-740-1877 or email sales@reliable-equipment.com
For genuine Wilden repair kits, see here.