How to Identify Wilden Pumps Tool on New Website

Reliable Equipment Sales Unveils “What’s My Pump?”

Wolcott, CT: A new, e-commerce Website from pump and process equipment distributor Reliable Equipment Sales, Wolcott, CT, at offers access to free, expert guidance on pump sizing, identification and specification and features a proprietary “What’s My Pump?” identifier tool that helps visitors find out the model number of their pumps. Developed to identify Wilden air-operated double diaphragm (AODD) pumps and pump parts, the “What’s My Pump?” identifier tool walks visitors through a Elise Vaughn of Reliable Equipment with Paul Pavone, American Electro Productsstep-by-step process addressing pump housing and diaphragm materials, inlet and discharge sizes, bolt or clamp fasteners and other characteristics that aid the company’s technicians in verifying the exact model. “Reliable Equipment Sales provides the right answers to your questions and the proper direction to determine the equipment that will work best for your needs,” says Paul Pavone, director of manufacturing and facilities for American Electro Products, Waterbury, CT. “When I go with their recommendation, I know I’m making the right choice.” Website visitors are also invited to email photos of their pumps and parts for identification.

Designed for process engineers, chemical engineers, water and wastewater treatment operators and others responsible for uninterrupted fluid flow, the new Website segments available pumps and equipment by chemical, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, plating and metal finishing and by other industries to help visitors quickly find pumps proven in their industries, such as FDA-compliant pumps. The Website offers centrifugal pumps, magnetic drive pumps, air-operated, double diaphragm pumps, drum pumps and other equipment from Finish Thompson, Flux, Penguin-Filter Pump Industries, Process Technology, Sethco, Wilden and Yamada plus Wilden pump parts kits.

For more information, contact Reliable Equipment Sales, LLC, 770 Bound Line Road Wolcott, CT 06716 ; 203-740-1877; or go to
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