Gizmo Engineering T6 Digital Timer Proximity Sensor

This Gizmo Engineering T6 digital process control timer and proximity sensor automatically controls any switch or contact. It features extra large, backlit display numbers for clear viewing of the countdown time from one second to 100 hours and any time in between. Just press the green start button. Or, it can count up to a preset length of time from zero. When the cycle is complete, the industrial timer will automatically sound an alarm at 103dB while the included stack light flashes in red to alert staff and cut through any industrial noise. The triple stack light intuitively uses red for stop, green for go and amber as an early warning to signal the end of the cycle. As the preset time approaches, the light flashes and the timer sounds a brief alert.

The T6 AC-powered time switch with included proximity sensor recognizes the presence of a metal surface and will automatically start and stop the timing cycle when the presence of metal is detected from a distance of up to 30 mm. In the event of a fault or error, the T6 automatically flashes the amber light while chirping to alert the operator. This inductive proximity sensor eliminates concern for contamination in plating, surface finishing and other industrial operations where dirt and grime could wreak havoc with laser, optical and mechanical sensors.

For plating and surface finishing, this system eliminates human error involving manual hoists. Placing the rack in the tank triggers the proximity switch and starts the timer. After the cycle runs, the timer sounds the alarm and continues to sound until the rack removed from the plating tank.

T6 timer counts with 99.9% accuracy in a wide variety of modes to suit virtually any process or installation:

Mode 1 – counts down from or counts up to the set time. Early warning alert on amber LED, cancels anytime.
Mode 2 – Mode 1 without cancellation.
Mode 3 – triggers the time cycle mechanically with the proximity switch.
Mode 4 – allows time cycle to be paused and restarted until the time reaches preset value.
Mode 5 – time cycle stops automatically at the end of countdown.
Mode 6 – signals early warning on the beacon LED instead of on the front button.
Mode 7 – guard duty requires pressing start button continually or the alarm sounds.
Mode 8 – spray rinse mode for plating
Mode 9 – on-delay.
Mode 10 – presence of power or a contact close triggers machine hours totalizer countdown.
Mode 11 – repeating interval cycle.

This electronic countdown timer is waterproof, resists corrosion, installs with ordinary screws and is easy to set the time and adjust.


Description: T6 digital process control timer with proximity sensor included automatically controls any switch or contact. In plating, this system eliminates human error involving manual hoists by sounding an alarm when the rack is ready for removal.

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Specifications T6-S3+Proximity Sensor
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